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No matter the size of the company, situations will arise that require Human Resources expertise. Your liability can be limited through conducting I-9 audits, writing and/or updating your policies and procedures, providing training in sexual harassment and other compliance areas. However, when a manager is contacted by an employee about inappropriate behavior of a sexual or discriminatory nature, this must be taken seriously and investigated by a professional. Your HR Partner has the knowledge and stands ready to manage the situation from start to finish.

Nothing can send chills down your spine as a business owner like a complaint letter from the EEOC. These letters must be handled timely and responded to in a particular manner. In our over 50 years of Human Resources experience, we have responded to many of these letters with a successful resolution for the company.

Your HR Partner is not only a resource for smaller businesses. We also work with mid-sized and large organizations that have an HR Team in place. We understand there are times when your organization has a specific need but the current HR staff is focused on other mission-critical priorities. Your HR Partner can provide project-specific work in areas such as file audits, job description creation and review, and compensation studies.

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