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In the #MeToo Movement, You Must Protect Your Company

Though one-in-three executives have reported changing their workplace behavior in light of the  #MeToo movement, over one-third of employees still believe their workplace fosters sexual harassment. Change is happening, but there is still much work to be done. The #MeToo movement has sparked media attention around sexual violence around the nation. You've likely heard of [...]

4 Reasons Your Small Business is Losing its Best Talent

Employees are now taking the spotlight in the business world. The most successful companies are placing an increased focus on employee engagement and wellness while encouraging best practices for good company culture. It makes excellent business sense because engaged employees have increased productivity, more innovation, and are less likely to look for other employment options. [...]

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4 Reasons to Hire an Outsourced HR Firm

In today's employee-driven labor market, attracting and retaining high-quality talent continues to be a top challenge for companies across all industries. In order to stay ahead, it is critical for businesses to be strategic and dynamic with their approach to human resource management. Having a strong HR team can be the determining factor for [...]

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You may have heard the latest findings regarding the Dallas Mavericks workplace culture. In Feb 2018, Sports Illustrated release a story regarding the “corrosive culture of the Dallas Mavericks”, which describes several decades long sexual harassment by several top executives, including the CEO. Women were subject to sexually graphic comments, inappropriate touching and countless [...]

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Ever hear the old phrase in real estate…”location, location, location”? Well, employers must embrace this same mindset to attract to retain talent. Several recent articles from CNN Money, CNBC and USA Today all cite the recent survey from the US Department Labor, which notes that currently there are more jobs available than workers to [...]

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