Fostering an Advantageous Culture for All is Key

Employees leave because of the company culture, not usually because of one specific manager or because they don’t like the company. Your culture, good or bad, defines your organization and is the key to employee recruitment and retention strategies.

Your HR Partner can help you determine your culture and take steps to develop it into one that aligns with your organizational values and strategic goals. We will use engagement surveys, employee focus groups and 1:1 interviews to determine how your employees feel about your organization, their co-workers and leadership. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing culture. This vital information will help Your HR Partner develop a comprehensive strategy for your business to improve those areas that your employees identified as opportunities and reinforce your strengths.

An integral component of this strategy is ensuring that employees and leaders have the skills and confidence needed to be successful. Your HR Partner will provide training to every level within your organization on topics such as behavioral interviewing to hire people who are aligned with your culture, how to lead productive meetings, how to manage conflict in the worksite, how to have difficult conversations, and how to conduct stay interviews. We will also mentor leadership on their roles with specific emphasis on leading and driving the precise type of culture you desire for your business.

A toxic work environment can undermine all the work that you do to create an engaged workforce and a positive culture. Your HR Partner will address this by providing training to employees and leaders on topics such as sexual harassment, diversity, and creating an inclusive work environment.

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