Small Companies/Start-ups typically have requirements relating to creating an HR Budget, Staffing Plan/Hiring Process, Pay processes, Employee Policies, Safety Policies, Company Handbook, and Job descriptions. There are some legal requirements and reporting requirements that don’t apply to businesses under 50 (FMLA, ACA (Obamacare) Reporting, EEO reporting). They primarily need to be sure they have some solid policies and processes in place. They may occasionally have an employee relations issue that we can also help with. Companies this size may or may not have an HR professional on staff. If they do, it’s typically someone with multiple job functions and/or titles and HR just happens to be one of those functions. These companies, in particular, are at a particular disadvantage if they don’t realize they are doing something wrong that could result in lawsuits. We can quickly and easily help a small business/start-up with fulfilling some of these necessities. Your HR Partner is a true partner to the Business Owner or Entrepreneur to establish those building blocks they need to grow.

A Mid-Sized Company – especially once they hit 50 employees has certain employment laws that are now applicable and legal reporting requirements.  Those requirements become even more once a company hits 100 employees.  Companies in the mid-sized range generally have an HR employee (or two), but they may need assistance with more strategic initiatives such as: Creating a compensation strategy including a full pay strategy (job banding, pay grades, etc); Creating a recruiting strategy as it relates to pay (lead or lag the market) and developing an ongoing recruiting strategy (forecasting based on turnover and market availability);  Creating an enhanced but fair review process (usually tied to the compensation plan based on performance); Enhancing benefits (not just insurance, but EAP, 401k, etc); Enhancing the current Paid Time Off policies (making them more robust); Adding/enhancing other employee recognition programs (service awards, Kudos, etc); Ensuring training programs are in place (including policies to support it) such as Harassment, Diversity, Safety; Completing HR audits such as auditing pay practices, company handbooks, overall efficiency of the current HR staff and/or recommendations of HR needs, auditing of HR files, compliance audits, etc.; And lastly –  Providing Employee Relations support/Management Advice.  As companies grow, so does their staff, which inevitably leads to employee relations issues i.e. employees disagreeing over temperature in the office, employees complaining about other employees poor performance/behavior, etc.  Leaders within an organization need strong HR advice as it relates to dealing with employee issues.  Your HR Partner has the expertise and experience to know when we can help the company with ER issues and when we need to refer the company to legal counsel.

A Large Organization – generally 500+ employees.  These clients we would primarily focus on supporting their current HR staff, which would include anything we would do for any other size organization.  I’ve found that the large organizations generally need help with they are taking on big projects or when a key member of their HR staff is on a leave and they aren’t replacing that person.  Projects can be anything from compliance audits, job description reviews, salary/compensation reviews, gathering/analyzing HR data, conducting training on HR related topics (harassment, diversity), HRIS conversion assistance (i.e. data entry when switching HRIS providers), scanning documents to upload into HR files, etc.  Your HR Partner can be a good short-term/project based solution for larger companies needing HR support from experienced HR staff, but not needing a new permanent position.


We understand that not every business needs a full-time HR Executive. That’s where Your HR Partner comes in; we help fill the gaps needed to run and grow a successful business. We also assist larger organizations needing assistance with HR projects. We customize our services based on your specific needs. Solutions we provide include:

  • Review/Edit/Create Handbooks, Policies, Job Descriptions
  • Employee Relations Assistance
  • Harassment, Discrimination
  • Diversity Training
  • Compensation Plan Analysis
  • Analysis of HR Department Efficiency
  • Records and Compliance Audits


In a competitive marketplace, the benefits you offer to your employees can differentiate your organization, help you retain top talent as well as help you maintain your profitability. Our tailored solutions include:

  • Strategic Benefit Design
  • Creative & Affordable Plan Options
  • Employee Education on Healthcare Cost Management
  • ACA Compliance


Your greatest asset is your employees, who need an environment in which they feel valued and supported. We provide many solutions to help you achieve your People goals:

  • Culture analysis and action plan
  • Leadership analysis and training
  • Employee engagement programs


We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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